The Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT) is Austria’s largest non-university research institute. The Competence Unit Energy Conversion and Hydrogen (ECH), which is embedded in AIT’s Center for Energy, offers scientific support in R&D, specializing on renewable energy conversion and green hydrogen production technologies.

AIT has more than 20 years of experience as a scientific partner in the field of system integration of photovoltaics in various applications (mobile, central, decentral, building and districts, Agri-PV, etc.). Thanks to the strong interaction with the manufacturing industry, AIT has excellent know-how and expertise on the specific requirements of real applications. In addition to high-quality measurement technology and research infrastructure, the latest simulation methods are used.

Shokufeh Zamini, expert for building-integrated photovoltaics, PV yield simulation, Marcus Rennhofer, Senior Scientist, expert for building-integrated photovoltaics and Monte Carlo, Karl Berger, standardization expert, Rita Ebner, expert for module analysis and characterisation procedures and Bernhard Kubicek expert for numerical modelling are the researchers involved in the Vitality District project.

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With currently more than 8,000 graduates and more than 4,000 students in 13 Bachelor and 17 Master study programs the UAS Technikum Vienna is the largest entirely technical University of Applied Sciences in Austria.

Especially the inclusion of lecturers and students in the tasks of the project increase the significance of teaching and connect education to running research activities. Due to the high competence of in total about 60 lecturers specialised in the field of renewable energy, questions and problems can be addressed quickly from a scientific point of view and included into the project.

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SAUTTER ZT was founded by DI Sebastian Sautter in 2014. The company specializes in all aspects of advanced energy consulting from general energy concepts to detailed building systems. Our international team focused on development of individual energy concepts for the modern sustainable buildings. We use dynamic simulation tools and parametric optimizations to achieve the best result in our projects and offer a full support to our customers in different aspects of energy design, such as a research, concept and project development, planning of MEP systems and realization.

Glauk Elshani is responsible for designing of BIM 3D models and parametric simulations in Grasshopper. Ivan Dmitriev details the general energy concept into systems and components, develops the overall Grasshopper parametric model and calculates the energy balances. Sebastian Sautter adjust the overhead.

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As a holistic competence centre for greening buildings, we promote innovations for the green and smart city of the future and facilitate their implementation. We are the interface between our network partners from the public sector and research and share best practice. We thereby give impulses for the deployment of existing and new technologies, competences and services. A sustainable development of the market is as important to us as the affordability of technology and its broad application. In the long-term, we promote quality assurance and create a new awareness for the range of benefits of greened buildings in the context of climate change and energy. 

Susanne Formanek, expert for sustainable and energy efficient buildings, construction biology and ecology, grants, forestry, innovation processes, surveys and assessments. Rafael Werluschnig, expert for spatial planning, green infrastructure, urban and concept development.  

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Architekturbüro Reinberg ZTGmbH., Vienna
The office has existed as an independent planning office since 1980 and since 1985 as an architecture firm. The office currently employs 6 people, all of whom have completed university degrees.

The architecture office focuses on ecological and experimental building and research work. The office is not only active in planning, but also in construction supervision and construction process management. Research projects are frequently carried out in accompaniment and for the evaluation of own projects and are always carried out in cooperation with project-related specialists.

Architect Georg W. Reinberg is CEO of the firm. In addition to his work for the office, he also teaches internationally. Architect Dr. Marcello Turrini is specialized in ecology, education in the field of ecological architecture and investigations concerning ecology and architecture.

Eurac Research is a private research center with operating office in Bolzano, Italy. Its mission is to enhance the life of future societies. In response to regional problems, it develops concrete solutions that can be applied globally. Eurac Research aims at exploring new paths of scientific excellence for meeting people’s needs.

The Institute for Renewable Energy conducts applied research on advanced energy systems, based on or including sustainable energy sources. Its activities include national and international research projects, as well as direct cooperation with industry partners. The result of such cooperation may be the development of new products and the evaluation of technological and construction solutions. The Institute also supports the promotion of renewable energy technologies and provides assistance by means of specialized scientific consultancy. The Institute’s research involves the extensive use of dynamic simulations and multiphysics modelling of advanced energy systems and buildings. Scientific results are based on laboratory tests of single components and integrated energy systems, as well as the monitoring of applied demonstration sites, experimental outdoor installations and residential buildings. The Institute offers support also in the elaboration of complex energy models decision support for single energy systems or buildings as well as for urban and regional areas.

Laura Maturi is a senior researcher, expert in the BIPV topic. Jennifer Adami is a researcher in the field of BIPV dealing with simulations, realized case studies and market available products. Mattia Dallapiccola is a researcher in the field of photovoltaic systems simulation and optimization.

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The Institute of Buildings and Energy (Institut für Gebäude und Energie, IGE) was founded in 2004 by Professor Brian Cody at Graz University of Technology. The approach of the institute links architecture, building technology, building physics as well as energy and climate design. This combination of interdisciplinary fields within the built environment is unique and internationally outstanding.

Extensive Experience in the field of research of energy questions, design of building technology, computer simulation of the energetic and thermal behaviour of the building, leading interdisciplinary teams as well as the planning, coordination and project management of international projects are a few examples of the outstanding role of the institute at Graz University of Technology.

Martin Kaftan is an architect and has expertise knowledge in programming within the Grasshopper for Rhinoceros environment. Anyla Berisha is an architect and researcher coordinating the project at IGE.

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